Something More Important Than Money

By Robb
Monday, Mar 27th, 2023

I know you know this, but you are a part of an amazing industry. Yes, you build homes for people, and that by itself is enough to be proud of. But it’s so much more than that.

I was recently at an industry conference that I had not attended before. For whatever reason, when I was introduced to people who I did not know, it was often, "This is the guy that does the work in Guatemala," or "Wilson Lumber is the one with the caring team thing."

This is not bragging; it is something that is apparently different than some others or maybe different than what people expect. Except that it’s not that different.

Often, I was introduced that way because the person or company I was being introduced to also did some great things for their people or communities.

I heard stories of companies that paid for an employee’s dental repair. Another helped fix a car for an employee. One company provides backpacks for kids in needy communities.

There’s even another company in our industry that also does ministry in Guatemala. Odd, right?

It’s certainly not just us suppliers. You builders are also doing amazing things. I’ve seen some of you giving in ways like volunteering time or resources to projects at the Downtown Huntsville Rescue Mission or Next Step Farms. I’ve seen some of you travelling around the world to build schools. Some of you give toward playing in a charity golf tournaments; we’re all busy, this counts just as much.

Moreso, one of you reached out to us recently inquiring about going to Guatemala with us, or at the very least, giving in some way toward the people we are supporting there. We’re going to work this out.

Look, I know we have problems of our own. I know neither you nor we are perfect. And needs abound everywhere; you can’t help everyone.

But I am proud to be in an industry where we are unafraid to give back.

We all want to make money.

But there is something more important than money, and that is people.

The people in our great industry and the people we can help. Thanks for being a part of it!