Setting Company Goals

By Robb
Tuesday, Jan 17th, 2023

Gosh, it feels like trying to set company goals this year is an exercise in futility. We set goals in 2020 … you know how that went.

We set some more in 2021 and missed by a mile.

Set some more in 2022.

Missed by another mile.

Oh, don’t hear me complaining. We missed in some good ways. And I don’t want to sound ungrateful, but even those are misses.

What I mean is, if you budget to do $X in revenue, but then you do $X plus 5%, no problem. But if you do $X plus 15%, 20% or more, that’s a problem.

That’s growth that you weren’t ready for, and it may not go well.

Probably like you, we’ve grown the last few years, and I’m thankful for that. But as we now get into an uncertain and perhaps faltering economy, and after missing goals for the last three years, what are we to do?

It would be best if I could pause here, let all of you call us and tell us exactly what you are going to build and exactly how much of it you are going to buy from us, and then set all our projections. That OK with everyone? I thought not. The problem is, you may not know either.

Therefore, we fall back on common sense.

We plan for the worst, and hope for the best.

We’ve budgeted flat next year. We have a pretty diverse customer base, and some will be up, some will be down. 

Here is what we know. Our mission is to build a successful company that upholds Christlike principles and inspires people to grow. One way we do that is delivering building materials on time and in full. As difficult as that has been to do over the last few years, it remains what we are focused on being the best at.

How do you see 2023 playing out? Are you optimistic? What can we do to help?

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