Door Hardware by Enneagram Type

By Heather
Tuesday, May 24th, 2022

The kind of handle, knob or lock you choose for your door can say a lot about your personality, and it makes a first impression for your home. So just for fun, we created this list of door hardware by Enneagram personality type.

Haven’t heard of the Enneagram? It’s a popular personality tool that breaks personalities into 9 distinctive types. You can learn more and take the assessment at The Enneagram Institute.

If you’re a One, we think you’ll love the Schlage Sense Smart Deadbolt. Ones are described as rational, purposeful and perfectionistic, so Ones will appreciate how smart this lock is! Just enter your access code on the touchscreen or use your smartphone to unlock the door before you even get out of the car! If that’s not a purposeful door lock, we don’t know what is!

Twos are helpful. They are generous and want to take care of others, so they will like almost any door hardware as long as they’re using it to open the door for you. Enneagram Twos will appreciate lever hardware that’s as helpful as they are. A lever like the Emtek Manning Lever in a simple satin nickel finish will do the trick because a Two can push the lever down with their elbow while their arms are full of all the groceries they’re carrying in because they’re being so helpful.

Threes are achievers! They are described as adaptive, success-oriented and driven, so their perfect-match door hardware should be just as driven as they are. In steps Emtek’s The Galapagos Project, an algorithm-driven 3D printed door hardware available later this year. Emtek designer Will Zhang realized a similarity between writing code and writing DNA and used that information to create nature-inspired biophilic door handles 3D printed in stainless steel and copper. It’s truly unique and quite forward-thinking.

Enneagram Fours are expressive and have a flair for the dramatic. Think artists and creators. So a Four might enjoy playing around with Schlage Custom door hardware, uniquely designed with premium style. The individualism that defines Fours will flourish when you customize your perfect look.

Fives are described as the intense, cerebral type. They are perceptive but quiet; innovative but sometimes self-Isolated. Their door hardware needs to be simple and understated; nothing flashy or attention-getting. Something like the straight lines of the Delaney Cordoba handlesets, for example. Fives will also like the heavyduty Sandblast finish created by combining sand in the mold during the heat forging process for a unique texture but still very natural.

The Enneagram Six is committed and security-oriented, so door hardware with added security is a perfect fit. Emtek Mortise Entry Sets offer the extra security of a mortise lock but with many style choices from tradition to modern to rustic.

Sevens. Are. Fun! They are busy and fun-loving, often spontaneous and the life of the party! Sevens will like some of the more ornate door hardware options with whimsical names like the Schlage Custom Addison front entry handle and Whitney lever with Alden trim or the Schlage Birmingham Lever with Brookshire trim. These locksets pair well with more ornate decorating styles like Old World and Victorian. Sevens will also like to play with their finish, choosing unexpected varieties like aged bronze or antique brass.

Type Eights are described as powerful, self-confident and decisive. An Eight needs door hardware to first and foremost function well and be dependable. A smart, dependable choice is the Schlage Encode Plus™ Smart WiFi Deadbolt. One of our favorite features about this lock is you can unlock the door with your Apple watch! It works also with Alexa, Siri® or Google Assistant, and you can monitor lock activity in real time with the Schlage Home app.

Nines are easygoing and agreeable, so a simple knob or handle is all they need. This Plymouth Single Cylinder Handleset and Plymouth Knob from Schlage, for example, is sure to allow Nines a peaceful entry and exit. No frills, no fuss. Even the installation is peaceful. Installs with just a Phillips-head screwdriver and the patented throughbolt slides up and down so you don’t even have to patch/redrill your door.

While these picks were just for fun, several of our door hardware suppliers have online tools to help you find the right door hardware for your home. We’ve linked to a few of them below and we have many of these on display in our showroom where you can touch, feel and play around with what you like best.

Schlage Product Selector

Emtek Product Selector