Build Faster With Wilson Lumber

By Heather
Tuesday, Jan 31st, 2023

When we sit down as a team to make plans each year, we ask ourselves: What do our customers tell us they need help with the most?

The answer we hear most often is you need to build faster. You need to shorten the number of days it takes to build a home.

As you are aware, Huntsville is booming. With more and more jobs pouring into the area there are simply not enough houses for all the people moving here. You, our customers, are building homes as fast you can, to keep up with that demand. It’s our job, as your building materials supplier, to help you achieve your goals by supplying you the materials you need, on time and in full. At Wilson Lumber we call this our Moment of Truth. Did you get your order when you needed it, and did you get everything you ordered and in good shape? If you did, we’ve accomplished our mission and you can move ahead. If we didn’t, we cost you time and money when we have to reorder or redeliver.

You face challenges with labor shortages, availability of materials, and fluctuating lumber prices. Most of those we can’t do much about, although we partner with organizations like the North Alabama Homebuilding Academy to help with the labor gap and we pro-actively communicate to you industry news that affects your business. What we can do something about is how quickly and accurately we deliver your products.

We want you to accomplish your goals and build faster with Wilson Lumber. Build faster because we have the products you need in stock and ready for you. Build faster because you can order a framing package today before noon and we’ll bring it to your job site tomorrow. Build faster because we have the largest fleet of lumber delivery vehicles in North Alabama. Build faster because we will take your house plans and design and build floor and roof trusses that will shave hours and days off your framing time. Build faster because our superior relationships with top suppliers means shorter lead times for you. Build faster because if we mess something up, we’re going to take care of it.

Build faster with Wilson Lumber.